Monday, May 07, 2012

Will Return: July 2012

This will be my last blog post for the next two months

If you are a regular visitor to my blog you are just going to have to go through the archives to see the crazy things in my head.  If this is your first time popping in, just come back in a few months!

I have been on sabbatical for ten days now and I think that leaving town, initially, has helpful for me to disconnect from full-time ministry but I have noticed that I have some auto-responses that need to die for this to be the best use of my time.  That being said, here is what I am going to "go dark" on for the rest of sabbatical.

I will be disabling, or deactivating, my Facebook account here in the next couple days.  I am sure that many of you are shocked, amazed, maybe encouraged or just not sure how you would live without Facebook.  I have noticed that checking my Facebook takes time away from my family.  I am not sure I would have noticed how much time if I was as busy as I normally am but I have noticed and I am acting on that.  No more posting rad pics of my fam, checking in at amazing restaurants or stopping in to stalk others.

This may be the most difficult one for me but I think it's a must.  I have noticed that I am not checking my feed and have used Twitter like I use Facebook; to post and get out.  Twitter has been a place for me to get encouraged, share wins, and stay connected with friends I don't always see.

This has become a new found favorite for me.  I love seeing what my friends are doing, seeing the cool pics they post and adding a few myself.  I feel like I am so new to Instagram that leaving this soon sucks but it needs to happen.

This will be one of the more difficult ones for me.  I love to sit down and write out my thoughts about what is stirring in this crazy brain I have between my ears.  I remember when I first saw blogging and was certain it would never pick up; but boy was I wrong.  I enjoy reading my friends blogs which allows me to keep up with what they are doing, what lessons they are learning or how to pray for them.  I will miss the blog world for the next two months.  I will miss being able to get my thoughts out of my head and process through them.

With all that said you can be sure that I will come back slowly but surely.  I do not plan to re-enter the technology world all at once.  This sabbatical thing is going to be a crazy lesson for me in the next 10 weeks but I am excited to see what God is going to teach me and speak to me.  Please pray for me, my family and our church while I am away.  If you wanna talk to me just give me a call!

Peace out; see ya soon!