Friday, June 13, 2008

New Dad Top 10

Today I had breakfast with a mentor of mine that I really look up too. His name is Rob Hall. He hired me in my current position and now he works at an amazing church in The Bay Area called: "Central Pennisula Church". Rob Hall loves Jesus and really loves his family. I look up to him and the way he balances life and loves people.
Today at breakfast he gave me a list called: "New Dad Top 10"
1. Never stop dating your wife, just plan now to pay a babysitter!
2. When you come home be "hands on" as much as possible. (Diapers, cleaning, babysitting, ect.)
3. Give your wife time off! Let her out by herself from time to time.
4. Pray with & for your children from day one.
5. Read the Word with & to your children from day one.
6. Help your wife establish a routine for your children. (Nap time, eating & bed time especially)
7. With a new baby, your ministry will change...for the better! Parents will respect you more & you'll have to find a better "balance".
8. Say "NO" more often to ministry stuff & life things. You'll need to be home more.
9. Enjoy every moment & season with your kids, they grow up fast.
10. Travel with your kids, its so much fun!

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