Thursday, October 09, 2008


I really wanted to write this last night, while the thoughts were still fresh, but after cleaning the church until about 10:30pm I knew I needed to come home.
What is invite night?
Invite Night is a time for students to be intentional about reaching out to their friends. We really focus on teaching our students about evangelism and how they have the most influence on them. We bring in our student leadership team and really give them freedom to dream together and think about what they want the night to look like. Our students chose to do a "Club Theme" (that may only work in Vegas.
We started the night at 6:30pm with an invite only BBQ for sports teams. We fed the students and just created a place for students to hang out with each other. Our Men's Director, Kalani, totally blessed us by cooking food for us with some adult leaders. After the food was done we sent everyone outside (our church meets in a strip mall) and had them go into the Worship Room. We created a tunnel that they all had to walk through with red carpet, paparazzi, and a fog machine. Rockstar sponsored the event, so the hyper juice was flowing.
We had some amazing worship for our students to get involved with a quick game and then I got up to teach. I spoke on Genesis 1:24-31, day six of creation. I got some great info on the giraffe and how it defies evolution. Then I went into how we are created in the image of God. I talked about something called Laminin; the basic protein that holds our bod together. Here is an image of what it looks like. I did something that I normally don't do, I had students stand up who wanted to surrender their life to God. I was shocked! I am not a huge numbers guy, but we had 29 students who got up and went into the other room to talk with a leader about their choice. On a great note, we totalled 181 students (not a numbers guy, but God totally worked). The night in a whole was just a huge blessing.
I had some great talks with our leaders who saw God work, it was so good for all of us to see more of the potential we have in this city to reach Jesus. Thank you to everyone who prayed for us!

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