Thursday, January 29, 2009

Explode Winter Camp 2009

Winter Camp was amazing! That is the only way that I can describe this years camp. About four years we decided to do High School Winter Camp on our own to really focus on Discipleship and help our students get connected with eachother. The result has been a huge learning experience for me and our team.
This year we had Chad Blood from Lifeway Church in Arlington, WA as our speaker. Charity and I interned under Chad in Eastlake, CA. Chad taught on the Full Armor of God and really brought the truth of Jesus this year; it was great to spend the weekend with him.
Marc Faircloth lead worship and just nailed it! I love the room we meet in because its not a show room; the place allows students to really connect with God.
The main thing that I have learned from doing camp on our own (literally we do it all: rent houses, rent vans, rent town hall, bring all the food) is that we cannot do it without our leaders. Leaders, if you read this thank you so much for loving our studetns and impacting their lives!
Once again, Kyle Rock made an amazing video to wrap up the weekend.


Ken Leslie said...

Looks like you guys had a great Winter Retreat! Ours is coming up in about 2 weeks. Nice Video too!

Sarah said...

Yeah winter camp! Love it. And love the video. Yeah Kyle! And yeah Amy for all her hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!!