Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chiptole and Ministry

Today I got a rad call from a student who graduated last year (2008) and was back in town for a few days and was getting ready to go to California to see some friends. He called to go grab lunch; and I was very happy!
We ended up grabbing Chiptole and just talking about life; how he was doing, how school is going, how him and his girlfriend are... things like that. I love hanging out with this guy, sometimes it scares me because he is so mature! Let me give you an example; about 2 months ago I was talking with him and was telling him how busy I had been and that school was rough and he asked me if I was talking a Sabbath day! I was so impressed at him and just humbled that he would ask me that; I need it.
Well the day went on and lunch was over, but I took him home to see my daughter real quick and on the drive back he said something I hope I never forget. It went something like this:
"Neal, I want to encourage you. Thanks for saying "no" to me at times. Thanks for putting your family first and making sure that you don't neglect them in ministry"
Needless to say, I was shocked! I felt like I didn't know what to say in response. We went on talking about that and how so many pastors alwasys put their family last and miss the priorites. He was thanking me for saying no!!! I was so excited that he got it and understands the value of family before ministry.
Phillip, you will go far in ministry my friend... I know it!

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