Friday, April 17, 2009

The day after it snowed in Vegas

So the long awaited footage is here! This is what my small group did the day after it snowed in Vegas! I am so stoked I got some guys who are down to do this!


Jennifer said...

Have you ever heard of upsidedown waterskiing? One of the guys I work with has done it... you wear scuba gear and tie a rope to the diver, have them go under a frozen lake and go upside down (putting the skis on the bottom of the ice) then the people on the other end of the rope take off and it pulls the scuba person across the ice upsidedown in the lake until they get to the opening where they went in. Crazy! Hopefully that made sense... Minnesotans are crazy... :)

brian c. berry said...

My youth pastor barefoot water skied in a canal in Mexico behind a truck when I was in high school. Next time this snow gig happens, I say it's time to build a jump.

Neal Benson said...

I have never heard of that, but it sounds cool! (Kinda scares me cause I hate being under the water).