Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Like Dad, Like Daughter

Yesterday we were blessed to have the day off after a long Easter Weekend.  We decided to take the girls to one of their favorite places in Vegas.  This place is great!  You can look at fish, ducks, moose, lions, giraffes and even sharks.  Sounds like the zoo but better huh!

Well while were at the Bass Pro Shop located in the Silverton Casino (giving you insight into our life in Vegas) Leah found some toys that she liked!  This little girl is going to be our outgoing little girl.  First she found the quad.  This is her "determined" to get on this thing picture.  She climbed up on the quad and then tried to climb up on the seat to sit!  She stood on the foot pegs for a while trying to figure out how she was going to drive this thing.  I wish I had the picture of her smiling (it was too blurry) and the look she had.

After we checked out the quads she went over the ride the boats.  Did I say ride the boats?  I meant to say drive the boats!  This was the best picture I have of her driving the boat.  The first picture she had a look on her face of "can I really do this?"  While Leah was driving the boat, Sophie was taking a nap on the seat.

I just love watching Leah grow up in the little girl that she is and her exploring and how she acts!  She is such an amazing little girl.  I hope that she loves the cold and will start to snowboard with me in a few years!

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