Thursday, July 14, 2011

Princess Bed

Last weekend I set up my first toddler bed...
It was a big day for Sophie and for Charity and I.  I listed Sophie's crib on craigslist and didn't expect it to sell for a couple weeks.  Its a pretty nice crib and I wasn't about to just take a low ball offer.  Within 45 minutes of listing it we had a call and the lady wanted to come over and get it.  Needless to say I was thrown off and once it sold we had to go get Sophie a bed to sleep in. 

We had been prepping Sophie for this so she had already chosen the bed that she wanted.  We zipped over to Toys R Us and were able to get the exact bed that she wanted.  So after an hour and a half of me putting the bed together Sophie was ready to get some sleep and see what I was doing.  There were a few times that she peeked her head in and confessed that she was peeking and so excited!

Here is her reaction to her new bed.  The first picture is my favorite because she just stood there for about 10 seconds staring at her bed!

She loved snuggling in her bed for the first time

Of course she had to show me how she could jump out of it!
I just can' believe that our little girl is growing up so much that she is in a toddler bed.  I am so stoked to see how much Sophie loves her new bed... the crazy part is seeing how much Leah loves it too!  I have a feeling that I will be setting up another princess bed in the near future.


Jen said...

You will definately be putting the second one in a big kid bed much sooner than the first...I have experience with this LOL :)

John & Emily said...

Dude. You may just have the cutesy kids ever.

Neal Benson said...

When is your wife due?