Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What do you stand for?

This has been running around in my mind A LOT lately.  I think it all started when I really was evaluating what the city I live in really stands for.  Most cities have a name they are known for.  Before I moved to Las Vegas I lived in America's Finest City (San Diego).  There is the Motor City (Detroit) and we also have the Windy City (Chicago).  I am sure there are very creative names for many other cities across this globe but for some reason or another God has chosen to place me in Sin City.

When I look at these different city names they all seem to fit.  I was blessed to live in San Diego for just over five years and that place is truly America's Finest City.  It seems logical to me that Detroit would be called the Motor City understanding how the auto manufacture's cars there.  I have never been to Chicago before but I have heard that it is very windy.  I have lived in Vegas for over seven years now and it really is Sin City.

After thinking about these city names I got to thinking about what I stand for.  If someone had to give me a name for what my life was all about what would that name be?  If someone gave you a name for what your life stands for what would that name be?  Names are given to places because of what they have chosen to focus on and be known for.  In a world that has chosen to reject God on so many levels what are you willing to stand for and what will you be known for?


Anonymous said...

Well we are suppost to stand against sin. God has placed you in a city where the spiritual warfair is no longer spiritual but physical! Sin City Is where people know that they can come to sin and for it to be ok. What is sin? It is what we know is wrong but we still do it. What does it do ? Sin separates Us from God. What is your Job to do? Help us away from sin. When you help us stay away from sin you are fighting a spiritual and physical war! I would call you a Warrior and one that God has sent to the front line.

Neal Benson said...

Yep! I totally love it. I keep thinking to Ephesians 6:12 that reminds us our battle is not against flesh and blood but the spiritual forces in the heavenly realms.

We live in an enemy occupied world and need to stand strong in our faith.

Anonymous said...

Chicago is known for its "windy" politicians...but it is also truly windy :)

I was only in Vegas for 5 months, but God sent me there from a place I call a "holy" city...Lynchburg, VA...the home of Liberty University and Dr. Jerry Falwell...a two churches on every corner and a new one being built down the street (if you get my drift)...very much in the "Bible belt"....

I don't know what name I would be given, but I can't wait to hear that special, unique name God gives me ;)