Thursday, March 08, 2012

Little Hands Finished!

Just over a year ago I started the tattoo on my left side.  The goal was to get the girls handprints on my side and have their names under it.  After talking with my tattoo artist he came up with this idea that I truly love!  It has taken much longer to finish than I would have ever imagined but I am stoked that it is finally finished.

I think that I have about five (maybe six) sittings on this.  We started out with doing Sophie's handprint from two years old.  After I got home I realized that I was going to need to get Leah's handprint immediately or it wouldn't fit.  Jonny Five had to do some creative work to get them both to fit in their but we did.  At the last session, which I finished about two weeks ago, we put the girls names underneath the frame with their birthdates.

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