Thursday, February 21, 2013

Compassion International

Who would have guessed that a ministry started in 1956 would have such an impact in my home today

In 1952 Everett Swanson visited South Korea to preach the Gospel.  During his visit he encountered children orphaned by the war.  While in South Korea Everett was challenged by a missionary friend: "You have seen the tremendous needs and unparalleded opportunities of this land.  What do you intend to do about it?  Four later Everett did something; he started Compassion International

In 2003 I met a beautiful young lady named Charity Fairfield who was passionate about Compassion International.  As time progressed I made her my wife but I honestly think one of the unwritten prenuptial agreements was that I would have to sponsor a child with Compassion.  In 2005 I started sponsoring Edgar.  This passion to help out children in need started with a man I will not meet on earth and continues in my home.

The sad thing for me is that after 8 years of writing letters with Edgar he is going to graduate from High School.  Now I know I am supposed to be happy but I am going to miss him.  I enjoy reading his letters.  I've been blessed to pray for him every night.  I love seeing how he has matured as a young man and I've been able to walk alongside (from afar) though some difficult times.

I am thankful Compassion gave me a heads up but I am going to be sad in December when Edgar graduates.  Until then I will keep praying for him, sending him letters and encouraging him in life.  The impact that Edgar has had on me, as a person, I am unable to put into words.  The only way I can express this is to invite you to sponsor a child and live life beyond yourself.

Thanks for letter me help out Compassion!  You are amazing.

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