Monday, April 08, 2013

Zero Dark Thirty: Movie Review

Movie Title: Zero Dark Thirty

Run Length: 2 hours 37 minutes

Rating: R

Best Part: When they raided Osama's house

My Thoughts

I rented Zero Dark Thirty from Redbox the other night and watched it by myself.  I heard a whole bunch of chatter about the movie and figured I needed to watch it (honestly I love war movies and this fit that type).

My honest thought is the movie was amazing!  Now that I've said the movie was amazing I have to add that it could have been 30 minutes shorter.  The movie starts out strong but graphic with a torture scene.  It goes through years of incidents quite well but then drags on once the perpetrator is found.

I couldn't imagine how the CIA did all the work it did to find the man closest to Osama Bin Ladin; but I think they are amazing for finding him.  The intelligence that they exhibited to find the home was superb.  Then taking the time to track the man must have took weeks!  Now after you find him you have to be CERTAIN that you have the right man in the right house.  The CIA had global positioning that was able to find out how many people are in the house; they were even able to find out who never came outside.

After finding the man, making sure it was him they still needed approval and a killer team to do the job.  The CIA had to get a unique team to accomplish this task.  The men who raided the house had precision accuracy and did a bang up job given how tough the job must have been.  I give that Seal Team amazing credit for all their hard work for protecting our country; thanks guys!

Bottom Line: If you have two and a half hours go ahead and rent the movie; its worth it!

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