Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Left Knee

My left knee has hurt for probably the last ten years.  I've seen a few doctors but never had any conclusive results.  About 10 days ago I saw an Orthopedist to get some answers because it has been hurting again.  As I was in the office she said: "I think you have a torn ACL."  I was pretty shocked.  The next day I went in for an MRI (it was a Friday).  On Monday she called me back to let me know that I have a: torn meniscus, a partially torn ACL and a partially torn PCL. 

The ACL and PCL are the two ligaments in your knee that keep you stable (if I heard correctly).  When I got the results I was pretty bummed and super discouraged.  Last Friday I met with an Orthopedic surgeon who took some time reviewing the MRI closely and working hands on with my knee.  He affirmed the results of the MRI but with the hyperextension and pain in my knee he doesn't think surgery is the answer.  Normally he could go in the clean up my meniscus helping with the pain but since there is tearing in my ACL and PCL he thinks I would be less stable (not good when you have two little kids).

There are exercises I can do to help strengthen my knee which I was encouraged by.  When we left the doctor Charity summed it up pretty good: Basically we're waiting for my ACL or PCL to snap and then I will get surgery to fix it.  Now this kinda sucks because I'm still really young and its messing with me mentally.  I can still snowboard, ride bikes, wakeboard, etc… but in the back of my mind I know its sketchy.  

I share all that to ask a specific prayer I'm praying daily for the next year (longer if it takes):
God will you please heal my ligaments and make my knee stable for the rest of my life.

Its a short prayer that I've been praying a lot of versions of for the last couple days.  I appreciate your prayers for my knee, which I know God can heal.  

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