Monday, June 24, 2013

Family Friday /// Happy Hallow

With school being out for summer we are doing something every Friday as a family!  Last Friday we went down to a little amusement park/zoo with the girls called Happy Hallow.  Happy Hallow reminds me of a smaller version of Magic Mountian mixed with some animals from the San Diego zoo.

All of the rides are built for children.  Some of the rides are designed specifically for kids only.  The first ride we rode was their little roller coaster.  Sophie was not about to go on it but Leah mustered up the nerve to and we had a great time (I'm pretty sure she was terrified the whole ride and my knees were crammed).  After the roller coaster the girls drove the cars with the annoying bells and rode the swings.  We went on the family dragon ride and then they hit the ladybug ride.  I was surprised at how short the lines were for all the rides!

After eating lunch we headed to the playground they have tucked amongst the rides.  Sophie fell down and hurt her knee so we had to go get a treat.  With treats in hand we went down to the little zoo and had a unique encounter with the jaguar.  After the jaguar we went to see the lemurs, honey bees and pretty much were ready to move on.

We meandered towards the entrance and rode the carousel; Sophie rode the Okapi, Leah jumped on the Lemur and I tamed the Ostrich.  After an extremely close race we decided it was a tie and headed over to see the zebu (its a small cow).  We ended up feeding: the zebu, two ponies, a donkey and a handful of goats.  Once we washed our hands we decided to call it a day and head back home!

First family friday was a huge success!

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