Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Reading with Leah

Earlier this year Leah invited me to read in her class with her. When I first got the invitation I thought that I was the one to do the reading, I soon realize that it was Leah who would be reading to me. 

Each Friday I walk Leah to school. We stand in line together. Then when her teacher comes out I don't give her a kiss outside the door but I walk into the room with her. She goes to grab her book while I head over to the carpet and sit and wait for her. When she brings over her reading bag she snuggles in my lap and reads to me. 
It's been so fun spending this time with her. Every Friday this has become our routine. They're not miss these Fridays because Leah will let me know how upset she is.
What I'm trying to share here is quite simple; as a dad I have an opportunity right now to spend time with my daughter. She wants me to be a part of her life. I want to take every chance to be a part of her life at this point because there may come a day where she doesn't want me to be there. 

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