Monday, February 07, 2022

Hebrews 12:1-3 | Small Group Questions

In August of 2021 Coastline Bible Church started a brand new sermon series called: "Greater." For approximately five months we are going to study the book of Hebrews together. The book of Hebrews was written to a Jewish audience living in the first century. They are likely experiencing persecution and thinking about abandoning their faith. The author teaches us how Jesus is greater than: the prophets, angels, Moses, Abraham, the Law, the old covenant, and the high priest. We learn that Jesus is greater than anything that has preceded Him. For this series I volunteered to write the small group questions that go along with each sermon. It seemed like a waste to leave them in a file on my computer and not share them with everyone.

Small Group Questions | Fix Your Eyes on Jesus | Hebrews 12:1-3

One of the primary reasons that the author wrote this letter to the Hebrew people is because they were contemplating about leaving their faith in Jesus. They had considered returning to temple worship and the Law. Essentially they were abandoning Jesus and returning to Moses. In Hebrews 12 we are exhorted think about the plurality of saints who’ve gone before us in the faith. The author just listed dozes of them in Hebrews 11. We see the author give a strong encouragement to fix our eyes on Jesus. The reason we can fix our eyes on Jesus is because we know that Jesus is the author and perfecter of our faith. Study these questions to grow in your faith. 

1) Neal opened the sermon with a story about the Kenyan runner, Eliud Kipchoge, who finished a marathon in under two hours. What did this man have to give up and what did he need in relational support to accomplish this task? 

2) Read Hebrews Hebrews 12:1. The author reminds us that we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses. He is referring to the saints who’ve gone before us. Have you read the Old Testament so you can know these saints stories? 

3) We are also encouraged to throw off all the sin that hinders us from following Jesus. Read Matthew 9:6, Mark 2:5, Luke 5:8, and John 5:14. What does these passages about Jesus teach us about leaving our life of sin? What sin do you need to leave? 

4) Read Hebrews Hebrews 12:2. Once we leave our life of sin we need a new focus. The author encourages us to fix our eyes on Jesus. Read Psalm 132:2 and Matthew 15:8. Talk about what stops you from looking solely to Jesus. 

5) The author teaches us that Jesus endured the cross for our sake. Read Mark 15:37-38, Luke 22:63-64, and John 19:34. Looking at these passages, talk about the physical pain that Jesus through to save us from our sins. 

6) Read Hebrews 12:3. The author brings the passage full circle and exhorts us to look to Jesus as the example of our life. How come we fail to look to Jesus as our example for living? What characteristics of Jesus do you want more in your life? 

7) We talked about four ways to follow the example of Jesus: Be compassionate to others, Endure suffering, Be generous, and Invest your life into others. What one of these are your implementing in your life this week? Why and how?

Close your time in prayer. Pray for strength to invite a friend to meet Jesus. 

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