Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hume Lake: July 20th-26th 2008

This week we are taking a great team of leaders, students and some students who really need Jesus, to Hume Lake. I am super excited to see God work in this week. Hume does a great program that allows our leaders to spend time with students and really invest in them. We have had some last min sign ups, and have some last min drops. Please pray for us this week. Pray for safe travel. Pray for students to have walls broken down in their lives so that the Holy Spirit can really impact them. Pray for me as a leader to set the example to all we take.
Also, I just received a call from a former student in San Diego who her sister just got back from Hume. She told me that there is some sort of stomach bug happening at Hume right now. She told me that about half the camp had it (almost 500 students) which is a huge number. The bug lasts for 72 hours and causes the person to vomit about every 5 min (not sure how much is true, just sharing what I heard). It makes sense because Hume called me this week and told me that health department has asked them to call all the churches and ask them if they have any students with flu like symptoms to please not bring them or the student will be sent home. Please pray for us, I want to make sure that this is an amazing week for students and that God gets all the glory. I am asking all the people I know to pray for us.

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DarinMcWatters said...

Rumors of the sickness at Hume have been greatly exaggerated. One church brought up a couple of sick students and the virus did spread within their church, but it never got outside of their church group.

I think it was something like 25 people total, and they were all better by Friday.

Just to keep the rumors contained, you know...

Hope you have a great week at Hume Lake!