Thursday, July 31, 2008

Leaving the nest...

Last night we had some students over to celebrate (not in a bad way) the moving on of one my wife's graduated senior girls. It was so amazing to see the students rally around her, encourage her and affirm her. She impacted many of their lives while she was in Vegas. Some things that I learned from watching the students last night were:
1. We all want to be apart of something. The students are so connected and they have some really special relationships.
2. God created us to be in those relationships. We were never intended to do life alone, just read about Adam in Genesis One.
3. Students are fun to be around. Students can either charge you up or drain you. Not everyone is called to work with them and when you are it is amazing.
4. Real relationships are formed over time and sometimes over hard times. Charity, my wife, has poured into the girl who left today and you can see the special bond they have.
5. Pour into others with reckless abandon. You can almost never go wrong by investing into the right person and that is how the Kingdom of God has grown.

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