Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Call and Response

I wanted to share a link of a film that is coming to VEGAS - click here
I am sharing it with you because the film will be in Vegas starting on December 5th at the Colonnade. This film doesn’t pay for advertisement and relies solely on word of mouth. Its an humbling and heartbreaking loot at slavery in this world and as Christ followers I think its something that we all need to see and wrestle with. So as my friends, colleagues, and people of influence I say go see it and bring a person or two along or your entire small group along with you.

The man behind the project (Justin Dillon) has an incredible heart and I have heard him share how God has opened a million doors to get this filmed, produced, and in to theaters. It is not backed by any big motion picture organization.
Can I encourage you to check to see if it will be showing in your area.


Matt Adams said...

Looks like a really powerful film. I hope that it comes to Lafayette LA. Also, praying for your ministry. I pray regularly for most of the guys from the gathering. I pray that God touches the hearts of many of the lost kids who have come to your youth ministry.

Allie Garcia said...

It brings me alot of joy to see that you are on board with call and response. I have been working alongside them to bring C and R to Vegas, and Im SO EXCITED to see what God will do. I have about a thousand flyers and things to promote the movie, and if you would like any let me know. I have my Younglife kids on board and were going out this weekend to drop "IDS" (they look like Nevada I.D.s but instead have a slave's face on them and information about the movie on the back, the idea is that people will see them on the ground and pick them up). Anyway, let me know if you want any, I think its a great way to get our highschool kids involved in living outside of themselves. :) Happy Thanksgiving!