Thursday, November 20, 2008

Todays Plan

I haven't blogged in a long time. Things have been crazy good. God is really stretching me in life right now. This quarter of school has been the most difficult for me. I am usually an A student just by default, which is hard for some people to understand and hard for me cause I don't have to study much (I am not trying to sound pompous). But with life the way it has been for us school has not come as easy to me.
Today and I am taking the day off to just get some school done. I have felt myself being a complainer lately about how much school I have to do (waaaawaaawaaa). I am sick of whining. I want to see God work through me and help me accomplish school so that I can be a better servant/leader for Him.
Here are my goals today:
  • Talk to Mark Salazar, my best friend
  • Finish 2 more questions on my final exam (that is means writing two 3 page essays)
  • Take a shower (later)
  • Go to the gym (if I get the essays done)
  • Take Charity on a date

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