Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Tomorrow night we start our "LOVE" series. Every year in our High School Ministry I try to do a series that focuses on either love or sex (students love it when we talk about sex!). This year we are doing love. Feb 11th is our invite night where we really challenge students to reach out to their friends. The last stat I heard was that 90% of High School Students would go to church if one of their friends would just invite them.
We are having food, some funny games, doing a raffle for some prizes and sharing the truth of Christ. As we kick off the love series are focusing on why we have love and where the ability to love came from. I have come to the conclusion that if we don't have Christ in our lives all the loving we do is false; its not eternal.
I am super excited to see how God will work tomorrow, pray for us!


CharityReads said...

So, every once in a while I google myself to see what comes up. I actually was googleing my blog name which is "charityreads" and one of the times you were talking about your wife reading something came up. Well I decided to stop by your blog, and how weird we have something in common, my husband and I were in youth ministry for years and now we are starting a church in our home. Well God Bless, I'll stop by your page from time to time and lift you, your family, and your ministry up to our Father.

eric O said...

Good stuff, Neal. It's great that SHCC has you at the high school helm (as well as the missions helm). You have passion and depth and will give the students exactly what they need at this time in their lives. We had a great time visiting and getting to know you. We'll be in touch.