Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mexico Pre-Trip

We just got back from our Mexico Pre-Trip and it was quick! We left Henderson, NV about 5am on Thursday and headed south for Mexicali. I was so exhausted from only getting about 4 hours sleep the night before. We crossed the border about noon and stopped at a local taco shop where we meet us with the missionaries we are connected with from The Ensenada Project (I know, its not Ensenada). We also suprised our own Sarah Roney who is serving down there; she had no clue we were coming!
So after some decent tacos we headed to the hospital that has a dorm in the back where we will be staying. Checked that place out and then went over to meet Gustavo and his family. Gustavo is the Pastor we will be building a church for over spring break. He is a great guy and has a cool family. The site where the church will be is about 10 lots down from his house.
After that we headed to grab a hotel real quick and then off to dinner. Dinner was great and the peso is down so it was even cheaper! Got home and crashed out!!! I got up at about 2am and puked my little guts out! (still not sure why...) Went back to bed, woke up and headed home. The trip was great!
I took alot of notes so we will be well prepared going down there. Please pray for us as this adventure takes place and we take students down to serve in a foriegn country.

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