Thursday, May 21, 2009

High School Grad Night

Last night was our High School Grad Night and that was tough! Three of the boys in this picture have been in my small group for three years and one of them I have had for five years! If you didn't know, the National average for a youth pastor right now is 9-18 months at their church. Charity and I are going on 5 years here at South Hills.
These guys are so amazing! I feel truly blessed to work here with the students that God has placed us around. I love seeing their lives change and have had some amazing talks with them. I will miss all our students who are graduating.
I had a girl, who is very special to my wife and I, ask me last night "Why didn't you cry?" I thought about that question and realized that I am so confident that this class will do well and I know that we have done all we can to set them up for success that I am just excited to see what God is going to do in their lives. I will probably cry when they leave, but right now and I am just so proud of them!

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