Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hume Lake 2009

We just back from Hume (well it was like 4 days ago) and I gotta say how amazing it was! This year, before we left, I had all our students sit down and I shared my heart. It went something like this: For the last four years we have made Hume about competition. Every year we go and go with the goal of winning the competition and we have won the last three out of four years. One year I came home with one of those champion t-shirts and you know what? I thought it would feel a lot better than it did!
This year my challenge was to make camp about Christ and not competition. See Christ won't let us down. At the end of camp I had two guys in my cabin tell me how amazing camp was. One said:
"This was my best Hume! I'm so glad it wasn't about competition. I got so much more out of chapel."
That made it for me! I was so stoked on Hume this year! We had the best leader team that I have ever brought (no offense to anyone else) but most all of our leaders have been to Hume before so they know how it goes. I am so thankful for our leaders and thankful for those who prayed. God did some huge things in the lives of our students.

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