Sunday, August 07, 2011

Encouragement from Hume Lake 2011

This summer was a great year being at Hume Lake.  I think it was my best summer there that I have ever experienced.  Something that added to that joy this summer was two things I received while up at Hume.  This summer I had two parents send me two different things.  One parent sent me a big box of a candy with a cool note in there and the other parent sent a heart felt thank you card.

The first note of encouragement came from a family with this box of candy!  Now the candy was really cool and we figured out that a parent caught my joke (most jokes are half serious) that I shared in our parent meeting prior to camp to send me up some candy while I was gone.  I was not expecting to get what I received but I was so happy.  And when I got that box of candy I let our adult leaders have first pick (after I ate a few goodies).  This box was stacked full of candy!  There was so much candy that I was able to share it with the lead counselors at Hume and even hook up the guys in my cabin.

Now the card I got was very encouraging.  Its interesting how a simple card can encourage someone when they are loving on their child.

Here are some thoughts that any parent can do next time someone takes their child on a trip:

  • Send an encouraging card thanking that person for investing in their child's life
  • Send a box of candy
  • Ask another person on the trip to give the person a card, or gift, while they are away (this option can save money or be useful if mail will not be available)
  • Write a hand written note and slip it the person's backpack so they find it later in the week
  • Give the person a Starbucks card as they head out of town (most weekends away with students are long and can become tiring)
Here is a copy of the letter that came with my box of candy.  Very creative!

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