Sunday, July 08, 2012

Slow Return

I almost titled this post "I'm Back" but the truth is I am not back.  I really still have two weeks left of my sabbatical but some of the advice I was given was to come back a week early and work part-time for two weeks.  With that said I figured I would sit down and blog to prepare myself for my return.

Since I am not really sure where to begin I am just going to write what comes to mind...

These last few months have been some of the best, and toughest, times of my life!  I have spent more time with my wife, kids and God than I have been able to in the last eight years.  I have been able to get away and hang out with just me and God.  I have been able to sit and talk with my wife and just dream.  I have been able to spend precious moments with my children.  I have been able to see most of my family members, sit with them, grab a meal and talk (miss you sister).

Here is an overview of some of the things I have been able to do while on sabbatical:

This is what I plan on blogging about more in depth in the next few weeks.  I want to breakdown my sabbatical and share what God taught me.  I want to share some memories that our family made.  I want to share some convictions that God has been working in my life.  I want to share some books that I read that I think might be helpful for you to read.

Bottom line is my life has changed since I've been on sabbatical.  My priorities have shifted and my life is going to reflect that from now on.  

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