Wednesday, April 06, 2016

A Full Day at Legoland

Yesterday we had a full day at Legoland. We entered the park an hour early with early entry from the hotel.

Within the first hour we were able to hit three rides, take our picture with Emmit and sit with the Lego friends. 

Taking some advice from the workers we made our way back to Kindgom Land. They advice was, "People will go right to the front rides and make their way back. If you start in the back and work forward you can miss a lot of that."  They were right! Leah and I walked right in the dragon roller coaster. She did awesome!

From there the girls rode the joust horses

From there we went to the Lego Mini City. This is a must see when coming to the park. They have all different mini cities here from Washington, D.C. to London to Vegas. Finally we had to get our picture with our city. 

After looking at the mini city we stopped for a boat race! 

From here it was on to a few more rides that our kids totally loved! They have a fun water ride that Leah really wanted to ride with me. She insisted on being the driver. I wasn't a fan at first but was so stoked to spend time with her! 

From here it was off to the new Lego Friends area. It was a good change of pace. We hit the 2 pm show and the girls enjoyed just relaxing and watching. Afterwards we snapped a pic with some of our Lego Friends in the car! 

After this we went back to Fun Zone (I really think this is what the area is called). The girls drove cars, boats, planes and helicopters. It was so much fun! 

One of the best things about Legoland is how close the rides are to each other. We didn't have to trek from ride to ride. We also found a fun Lego factory tour to see, rode a cool boat ride that tells you about some of the larger Lego builds in the park and let's you see a different view. Overall we had a fantastic day! 

I totally recommend Legoland to anyone. Would you? 

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