Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Legoland in an hour

Today was a long day! 
A long but good day. 

We left our home at 8 am and headed for Carlsbad. After a long drive (we made it in one tank of gas) we checked in to the Legoland hotel. 

After landing in the room we went on a fun hunt they have for the kids. It was a hunt around the hotel to find clues to get into a secret treasure chest in the room. The girls loved it and found Lego treasure! 

After our hunt we decided to go to the park. Now we only had about an hour left because it was closing soon. Thanks to a tip from a friend we figure out how to do this for free. 

After riding three rides we exited the park and went back to our room for dinner. To save a few bucks we used Door Dash to bring us yummy Mexican food. 

To top the night off we went to a disco party and then hopped in the pool. We had an awesome day until I lost my wedding band at the pool. Oh well...

Final thought for the day: super thankful to God for this time with my family. They are so important! 

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