Monday, March 28, 2022

Job 1-2 | Small Group Questions

Most of our life we are concerned and consumed with the three dimensional world we can see. We wake up, drink coffee, eat food, go to work, eat more food, connect with people we love, and sleep. We think that paying the bills, mowing the lawn, and grocery shopping are requirements of the week. What if the world is more than three dimensional? For those who believe in God that means we believe the world is at least four dimensions. The Bible teaches us about spiritual things but we don’t always focus on our spiritual growth; that is what “The Battle” is all about In this series we’ll lean in to God’s word and examine what is taking place in the spiritual realm. For this series I volunteered to write the small group questions that go along with each sermon. It seemed like a waste to leave them in a file on my computer and not share them with everyone. 

Small Group Questions | The Accuser | Job 1-2

The story of Job is what many people refer to when they are going through a difficult time. The picture in the first three verses of Job is of a godly, wealthy, fulfilled man. Job had a family who enjoyed the favor of God in his time. Job was the ideal candidate for the tests soon to follow. The Scriptures describe Job as a righteous and blameless man. God affirms this about the life of Job. In Job 1-2 we see four characters in the story: God, Satan, Job, and Job’s wife. The book of Job is a reminder that Satan will do anything to destroy our faith. And, if he was given the opportunity, he would try to kill us. Study these questions to see how Job maintains his righteousness in such a tough time. 

1) In 1942 C.S. Lewis released The Screwtape Letters. The book is about an older demon coaching his nephew on how to condemn a soul to hell. If you’ve read the book talk about how it impacted your understanding of the demonic forces. 

2) Read Job 1:1-5. The first verse describes Job’s character and righteousness. Read Psalm 37:18, 97:11, and  Proverbs 11:3. What does it look like to live a righteous and blameless life for the Lord? What do you need to adjust in your life? 

3) Read Job 1:6-12. Satan comes, uninvited, into the presence of God. His main goal is to destroy Job’s commitment to the Lord (see John 10:10). Can you think of a time that it felt like the enemy was trying to destroy all the good in your life? 

4) God is: Omnipresent. Meaning that God can be in all places at all times. God is also Omniscient. Meaning that God knows all things. How does knowing that Satan is neither of these change the way you think about the devil? 

5) Read Job 1:20-22. After loosing everything, Job’s first response was worship. Read Psalm 95:6, John 4:20-24, and Romans 12:1-2. When bad things happen, what is your initial response? How can you change that to worship? 

6) Read Job 2:1-8. When Satan sees that his first tactic didn’t work against Job, he tries again. Read John 8:44 and talk about how Satan is the father of lies. Share a time when you felt weak in your faith but were able to stand strong in God. 

7) Read Job 2:9-10. Job stays faithful to God through all of his loss, grief, and pain. Read Psalm 37:34, Proverbs 3:5-6, Isaiah 40:31, and Romans 15:13. What did you learn from the life of Job and his commitment to God? 

Close your time in prayer. Pray for strength to invite a friend to meet Jesus. 

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