Thursday, January 10, 2008

Long Nights, Hurt Students, and Spots to fill

I think this is something that most youth pastors know very well. The nights are never short, there is always a student to talk to and it seems like I am always trying to fill spots for camp. I don't know how you feel about these things, but I wouldn't change them for the world. There are some people that I think God has just wired to work with students and I feel like one of them. I have often had people ask me: "Neal, when are you gonna be an associate pastor?" or "Neal, don't you ever want to do something more than that youth gig?"
To me its not "a youth gig" to me this is life. This is what God has created me for. Last night was long, and we had students that hearts are broken. It just hit me, again, that we live in a place that is not perfect. We strive for the place that is perfect, where we get to see God face to face and we can be done with this world. We don't live for what we can see, but for a place far better than here.
I will always have long nights, there will always be students to pray with and encourage and I one day, hopefully, we will fill the spots for camp. But until then I will keep getting up every day to: Love God, Love my Wife and do my best to point students to Jesus. They need it so bad, so please pray for them whenever you get the time!