Friday, April 11, 2008


So today we landed in Rome. The train ride was short and we are both sick of public transportation. I would love to drive my Tundra right now! The train got in around 11 am and we walked to our room, its pretty sweet. From there we head to the Collusem, that place is super big! (I just tried to do spell check, and that doesnt work here. Sorry) I was in awe of how massive the place was. We heard the line was long, but we got hooked up. Just go in and buy the audio tour and you can get your ticket there. We were both so impressed with how the building of that structure took place, it was crazy.
After that we took a nap (I love vacation!) and now we are chilling just doing some laundry. Tonight we want to do the Trevi fountion and thats about all.

Off to Florence

On Monday morning we got up and caught a train into Florence. From there we headed to a small medieval town called: San Gimignamo. This town was super cool. It was a good stop on our trip. We have both been going so much and really caught some down time there. We had no internet in the town and basically just went to the supermarket to get meals. The first day we walked down the main street (thats all there really was) and checked it out. The next day we chilled some more and really got some relax time in. The town has a bunch of towers there and I went into one (charity is too pregnant to walk up the stairs now). The towers were once used to pour boiling oil on anyone who attacked the town!!!
The next day (Wed) we headed into Pisa. That tower is amazing. We were both not too sure what to expect but it was great. The town was so amazing and we both just loved it!
On Thursday we headed into Florence to check out the David. I didnt realize how big it was. The statue is about twice the size I expected. We walked around, saw an amazing church, walked around, did some shopping and then headed back to our little town.

Venice Day Two

So we havent been around a comp for a while so here is what has happened. Our next day in Venice was great. We went out to an Island called Murano. This is the place where they hand blow a bunch of glass objects. We actually got to see a man make a horse out of glass, it was so crazy. Venice has been great. The water system is a new idea to both of us, they have no cars there at all.
Later in the day it started to sprinkle a bit so we headed to get a Gondola ride. This is what Chartiy has dreamed of doing like her whole life. We LOVED it. The ride was so amazing. We started on the Grand Canel and were able to take the back streets the rest of the way. Venice is so beautiful. We had a great kiss under the lovers brigde, cuddled close and saw something not everyone will get to see. Venice was great!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Venice Day One

I normally dont Blog this much at all. I honestly only blog on random occasions but I feel that for this trip I really need to write this down so I wont forget it and its so amazing I want to share it with all.
Today we got to Venice by train. The transportation here is all by water. We got the youth pass (last time for me) that allows us to go all over. The Islands are not really that big. We got to our room (after wondering for a bit) and headed out to Saint Marks Square. The view was amazing. The Cathedrals here are all so rad. We had so much fun trying to kick the pigeons (maybe that was me) but I got one. We just got lost for the next 2 hours or so and wondered around.
We ended up finding the Rialto Bridge at just the right time, Sunset. We headed to that and it was amazing. We got some pics and then strolled the shops. The city began to close so we came home. I forgot to tell that I acutally wanted McDonalds for dinner and that is what we had.
Chao for now!

Stressa/ Isola Pescadore

I have been meaning to get here so I can write all that we are seeing. On Thurs morning Charity and I caught the train from Sesto C and headed towards the Alps. We got off in Stressa. From there we walked down to Lake Magorrie (SP) and caught a boat over to Isola Pescadore. We had the most amazing hotel room in the world (Hotel Belvedere). You really have to stay there if you ever make it to Italy. I dont think we have ever been that spoiled. Our room over looked Lake Maggorie and we had this amazing terrace that we could chill on. We ate lunch at this little restaruant that Charity loved and had the best fish she ever ate!!! From there we took a boat to Isola Bella, it was pretty sweet. We had so much fun just exploring the Islands and getting some time together.
On Friday we planned to get up and get a car to go to Swiss. We got the boat over to Stressa and went to AVIS. My bad, I forgot my Drivers License and we got the shaft on the car. We ended up taking a Cable Car ride to Montaronee which was super sweet. We saw the Alps from the top and I threw some snowballs at Charity :)
The view from the top was so beautiful! We got back down to our Island. We decided that we really own it now! After that we headed home for some chill time. I got to read the Bible about Saul and Charity took a nap. Shes 19 weeks pregnant so she needed that.
Then this morning we caught a train to Venice!!! I will tell you more about that cause this place is sweet.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sesto C & Millano

So I had to take the time today to write about what is going on! Charity and I are offically in Italy. We landed yesterday morning into Millan about 6am. From there we caught a cab to our hotel (Hotel David) which is located in a small town called: "Sesto Calende". This place is beautiful! We are on Lake Magorrie and you can see the lake from the balcony in our room. We arrived and were beat tired. The people here are so nice, they gave us our room and we crashed out for like 5 hours. After getting up, taking a quick shower we headed out to check the town out. The streets are made of cobble stone and it is so quint here. Charity and I love it! We had gilatto and the best pasta for dinner.
Today we caught the train into Millan. From the center of town we took the Metro down to a HUGE castle. After wandering around there we headed to the most beautiful church I have ever seen. It was stunning, its called Duomo. We walked around Millan all day and then caught a train back home, had some great Pizza and now we are gonna crash! Tomorrow we head to Stressa, and stay on an Island for 2 nights!!!