Friday, April 11, 2008


So today we landed in Rome. The train ride was short and we are both sick of public transportation. I would love to drive my Tundra right now! The train got in around 11 am and we walked to our room, its pretty sweet. From there we head to the Collusem, that place is super big! (I just tried to do spell check, and that doesnt work here. Sorry) I was in awe of how massive the place was. We heard the line was long, but we got hooked up. Just go in and buy the audio tour and you can get your ticket there. We were both so impressed with how the building of that structure took place, it was crazy.
After that we took a nap (I love vacation!) and now we are chilling just doing some laundry. Tonight we want to do the Trevi fountion and thats about all.

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