Sunday, August 24, 2008

We exist to impact lives

This summer we did a series from Doug Fields called "When People Meet Jesus". We looked at different parables of when people met Jesus and the change that took place in their lives. We decided that, every week of this series, we would have someone share their story about meeting Jesus.
Here is the video of Colton Scholfield's story of meeting Jesus. Colton is going to Carrol College and playing football. He is an amazing young man that loves Jesus and has such a great heart. This video is encouragement of why we do what we do. I came out here thinking that I was going to be a middle school pastor (now I'm the high school pastor) and realized that I am really a missionary in a dark place. I have the best job ever! I cant wait to see more and more of what God has planned for us to do here.

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