Sunday, June 07, 2009

Cornerstone Christian Church

Today Charity, Sophie and I went to Cornerstone Fellowship where our friend Ryan Bicker works. Cornerstone is in Livermore, CA up in the East Bay Area. I could go into a "pastor's review" of the church but that is not what I have planned for this.
It was so nice to arrive at church with Dana, Ryan's wife, and drop off Sophie. Ryan introduced us to her teacher and then showed us around the Children's Area. The Children's Staff was well prepared and very orderly. We loved how organized the place was and just feeling comfortable leaving our daughter in a new environment.
After we checked out the building we did something that I love; we went to church. We were able to go to church and attend. We sat together and I didn't have to worry about getting up to do announcements or to check on anything. I was able to spend time worshiping Jesus with my wife and then listening to the pastor.
The pastor killed it! I loved his message on Acts 2:37-42 (I think). He spoke from the heart and was very biblical! If you live in this area you gotta check out Cornerstone.
Finally after Church we went to get lunch! The pastor encouraged everyone to meet new people and spend time with them over a meal! We decided to take him up, but just to do with Ryan and Dana. We had a great lunch chatting with them and just getting to catch up on their lives. We are very thankful for them in our lives.

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Ryan Bicker said...

Thanks Neal! We had a great time with your family! Glad you got to spend a Sunday just "going to church"!

We are praying for you as you are working so hard the next few weeks!