Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What my day looks like

This summer I transferred colleges, to Tozer Seminary, and had to come to Redding, CA for two weeks. Charity and Sophie are here with me and wanted to give you a glimpse of what my days have looked like so far:

6:30am- Sophie wakes up (this is an estimate)
7:00am- I need to be out of bed and in the shower
7:25am- Leave for breakfast
8:00am- Christian Spiritual Formations
12:00pm- Go back to dorm to get Charity & Sophie for lunch
12:10pm- Leave for lunch
12:15pm- Arrive at lunch
1:00pm- Global Issues in Evangelism
5:00pm- Go get Charity & Sophie for Dinner
5:25pm- Eat dinner
6:00pm- Family time
7:30pm- Sophie goes to bed/I start homework
11:30pm- Finish homework
12:00am- Go to bed

I am pretty sure that every night, so far, Sophie has woken up at about 3:00am crying. She goes back to bed, but this is our schedule so far. I am kind of venting, but what I can't express, in words, right now is what I am learning. The classes are amazing, the guys are super rad, and being away with Charity is just down right amazing!
Thank you for all of you who are praying for us right now.

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