Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ignite Winter Camp 2011 Saturday Overview

This morning I woke up at 3:40am when Leah started crying
I moved to the couch around 4:20am when Leah came into our bed
I woke up around 6am when my mom came into the living room and opened the windows

I was so thrashed tire this morning when I rolled up to camp but it is so cool to see God moving up here.  I am so proud of our middle school team right now and tomorrow I'm going to post about my top 4 favorite things from winter camp.  This morning I spoke about finding our identity in Christ and helping students move from listening to the world to listening to God.  You gotta watch this video and see how the road conditions were when I drove to camp and how much snow we got last night.

After chapel I went home and played in the snow with the girls for a little while, spent some time with my family and then had a yummy dinner.  I headed back to Pine Summit for Saturday night chapel and God showed up.  I prayed that God would help students to leave here with understanding His truth and not my stories.  Tonight was decision night and I shared my favorite story from Mark 10; the story of Blind Bartimaeus.  I challenged the students pretty hard tonight because I go to the same church they do and I was convicted to not make it easy to accept Christ.  I know that salvation is free for us; but it was costly for Jesus.  I know its easy to raise your hand; but its tough to live for Christ.

My prayer is that these students grow this weekend and radically live for Christ

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