Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Utilizing the Off Button

For about the last two months I have been utilizing the off button on my my devices.  This basically started with a tweet that my buddy Brian Berry posted about shutting his phone off when he gets home to be able to be more focused on the family.  Well I read this tweet and had been reading a book called "Emotionally Healthy Spiritually".  The book was talking about creating intentional times in your life to connect with God and I decided that I needed to create some of those times.

I have created four times in the day where I intentionally focus on God; one of those times is when I use the off button on my phone.  Now what I do is text Charity before I leave the office to let her know I am heading home.  Then I shut off my phone, I know its crazy, and on my drive home I take some time to connect with God again.  I pray through the day and give the day to God.  I talk to God about conversations that frustrated me, conversations that encouraged me and ask Him to help me remember what I need to work on tomorrow.

This time has been so good for me to just have 10-15 minutes in my day with no phone that can distract me and time to focus on God.  It has also helped me to be better focused when I get home with my family.  I used to talk the entire ride home and try to get more conversations in but would be distracted from my family.  Its been super rad to see how turning off my phone has been so good for my family and my soul.  How will you use the off button?

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