Monday, February 07, 2011

Pondo Winter Camp

About a year ago a friend of mine called and asked me if I would like to speak at the winter camp she helps coordinate and the answer was "yes, I would love to!"

So the year goes by and this weekend I had the opportunity to speak at Pondo; a camp in the San Bernardino Mountains. I pulled in around 5pm Friday night and was able to meet Dan Skipper, the man who leads Pondo. We chatted for a bit and got to know each other. I appreciate men like Dan who have ministry experience and are committed to seeing students lives change. After we chatted I got all my media set up (that is the boring part of the story). That night we had our first chapel and I have to admit that I was extremely nervous about speaking. I typically get nervous prior to speaking in any setting I find myself speaking before more than 50 people; but this time I was extremely nervous. It made me know that God wanted me to rely on Him!

Chapel started and I knew that God has asked me to speak up there, I was prayed up and prepared for the night. Saturday morning rolled around and chapel was right there. The morning started with me speaking and then worship from the Aaron Hofman Band. Aaron and I have done a few camps together but this one was special. That night was decision and I would say that about 60 of the 250 middle school students up there made a choice to follow Christ in a new way; that was exciting!

Sunday came before I knew it and it was time to share the last message; how do we duplicate our faith? I spoke on Luke 15; The Parable of the Lost Sheep, and how Jesus asks us to reach out to those around us. I feel like the camp was a huge success for the Kingdom. I had such a great time getting to meet the team up there and ministering to students. It was different for me being on that end of the program and not being there with our student but I am very thankful for the opportunity and really think that God was glorified this weekend!

I love the location of Pondo; it is close to So Cal and up in the mountains I grew up in. There is nothing like being in the mountains with a bunch of leaders who love God and like students and getting to watch God continue to change lives. Thanks for having me Pondo; I loved being there with you this weekend

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