Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Years Goals

I really wanted to title this post "New Years Thoughts" but what I am about to share are not only thoughts  but some goals I have given myself this year.  Now I know this post is 14 days late but I am pretty sure that most people have already failed at their resolutions or are struggling to maintain them.  I say that because I think we generally choose resolutions that are: (1) Very tough to achieve and (2) Unrealistic.

On our anniversary this year Charity and I talked about some of these things so I figured I would share some of my goals for this year:

When I told Charity this was my main goal for the year she laughed at me; and rightfully so.  See I only have one class left until I graduate with my Masters degree.  I am super excited to be done with the degree but I am more excited about what my education has done for me.  Education has helped me worked through past issues, helped me grow as a person and has increased my effectiveness as a leader.  Seminary has been so good for me so this will be a huge chapter closing in my life.

My next two goals have to do with a transition in my life.  See when I graduate seminary I am going to have some more time on my hands.  My personality is such that I like to stay busy and I like to see results.  I am committed to what I put my mind to and this year I am putting my mind to being a better dad.  I told Charity that with my responsibly in seminary coming to an end I want to take more time to focus on our family.  Obviously seminary has taken time, and money, for me to complete.  I would like to give that time, and money, back to our family in being a better dad.

I think that I could have probably put this one before being a better dad, and in my mind it comes first, but it flows better this way.  See I have given a whole bunch to our church in the last seven years.  I love my church.  I love seeing people find Jesus.  I love seeing students grow in their relationship with Christ.  I love hearing about people who find groups to get connected in.  This year though I am going to shut my phone off more to give more to my wife.  Charity has been such a huge support in my pastoral role and this year I want to give the church less and give my wife more (some of you are going to think I'm crazy for writing this).

For the last eight, maybe nine, years I have made a commitment to read my Bible from cover to cover.  This year I plan on doing the same thing but I want to take some people along for the ride.  See God's word is extremely interesting.  The Bible is full of stories that capture the imagination and reveal truth in a relevant way.  This year I am committing to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation with a group of people so we can share the knowledge with each other.

Now that I have shared my goals, what are some of your goals?  What is motivating you this year and what will you focus on?  Much of what I am sharing here comes from a conversation with a great friend in ministry.  One day, on the phone, he said this to me:
"Being a better pastor will not make me a better Christian, husband or dad but being a better dad, husband and Christian may make me a better pastor."

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