Thursday, February 16, 2012

Park Here; Please

(Hume Lake 2009)
This Christmas break I had a blessing of working with a young man by the name of Sam Alex.  Sam is the kind of young man that would be amazing to have on your team.  Sam worked with our church for six weeks over his Christmas break from Biola.  The best part about that is that he contacted me because he didn't just want to sit around and do nothing.  See the first week of school Sam made a choice to change his major to Pastoral studies and I know that one day Sam will be a pastor.

Sam came to church and started going to our high school ministry as a freshman in high school.  He came to most all of our summer camps, winter camps and was one of my student leaders.  I loved being a part of Sam's life and to see who God has transformed him into is amazing.  I will never forget the change that has taken place in Sam's life and even being able to baptize him is a blessing for me.  I have been able to see Sam grow up into a young man; a young man who loves the Lord with all his heart.

I share all of this because of a text that I received from Sam just last week.  Sam gets it!  Sam has been looking for a church to connect with and instead of sitting around he is getting involved in an area that needs help.  See what Sam was working with us he had the best attitude.  Sam did everything from create PowerPoints to help with game for students, he taught in our Children's Ministry and even cleaned the church.  I specifically remember one day seeing Sam outside cleaning at church and I knew that the night before he preached in our high school ministry.  Look at the joy in this text!  The excitement of being able to help out at a great church that needs help with their parking lot ministry.

Here are some three quick things that I think we all can learn from what I am seen in the life of Sam;

Sam worked his butt off for the six weeks that he served at our church.  Sam did this for not one penny!  He modeled what Paul wrote in Colossians 3:23 and he has been doing this ever since I met him (along with many of the guys he grew up with)

If you are not serving at your church stop sitting around!  Go and find a place where you can use the talents that God has given you to serve the church well.

This could be the most important or just the thing that holds them all together.  Sam always had a big smile on his face (even when I asked him to do a 99 slide PowerPoint).  If you meet Sam you will know what I mean and the joy that he has in his life because of who he is in Christ.


Tony said...

Neal, you did have a great influence on him through explode and other activities,thank you for your kind his father I wish him the best and I am absolutely sure he could write up a storm about your influence in his life..thank you again

Neal Benson said...

Tony, you have a great son! I am so proud of the man you raised him to be. Thanks for letting me partner with you and thanks for the great home you have given him.