Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Away

Most people get to spend Valentine's Day with their spouse or significant other.  They may go out to a nice dinner, buy some gifts, kiss a little and laugh alot but the last two years have a been a different story for me.  I have been at seminary all week so instead of spending Valentine's Day with my family I spent Valentine's Day away.

Before I left for my final week of seminary Charity took me out on a super cool date and I was able to spend some time with my kids.  Not that Valentine's Day is a huge holiday but its an important day to my wife.  I tried to get her some flowers to have around while I am gone.  Before I left we decided to celebrate Valentine's Day a little early by exchanging cards and gifts.

So as I was unpacking my bag, in the hotel, I found a package in my bag from my wife.  She had spent some time with the girls making me fancy cards, writing little notes, tucking in some of my favorite candies and using her creativity to make me smile.  Even though I didn't get to spend Valentine's Day with my family, I still was able to Skype with them and have some cool gifts to enjoy!  I'm very thankful that this will by my last "Valentine's Away".

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