Friday, February 10, 2012

Wise Up! Rise Up!

Last weekend I was invited up to Pondo to speak at camp. The camp was full of middle school students and amazing adult leaders who love middle school students.  The theme of the camp was "Rise Up! Wise Up!" and for the weekend teaching we spent of our time in the book of Proverbs.  Now middle school students can be a difficult crowd of students to communicate to so you have to be very intentional at how you address them with the topic so they can have application for life change.

Here are some of my thoughts after the spending the weekend with students:

Many of you know that I was recently asked to transition into a new role at my church.  I had lead in our student ministry department for the last seven years so I know the transition would be a huge change.  I was a little nervous that I may get to the camp and realize that it would have been better for someone else to be there teaching but the exact opposite happened.  I realized that I miss spending time with youth pastors.  I miss seeing students do stupid things.  I miss spending time with the community that happens in a ministry team that meets on a weekly basis to conquer the same goal.

On Saturday Charity came down (she was staying at my mom's house) to hang out for the day. Since having children Charity and I haven't been able to do ministry, on the front lines, side by side like we once were able to and I miss that.  My wife is such an amazing, encouraging, uplifting woman that it just makes me want to spend more time with her.

Saturday night was decision night and I had been praying most for that night.  I was able to share about how Jesus calls us to follow Him and invited students to make that choice right there to follow Jesus.  About 30+ students stood up and said "I want to follow Jesus" that night.  Something happened that night that I never expected when the worship leader, David Gaulton, called all the adult leaders up to pray with students.  It took some time but after a while most of the students had left their chair to head to the front to pray with their adult leader; it was so rad seeing God move in the lives of students that weekend.

(Students praying with leaders)

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