Friday, August 09, 2013

Global Leadership Summit 2013 /// Day One

Central Peninsula Church is a premier host site for the Global Leadership and here are my bullet point notes from the event

Bill Hybels
  • Don't give back your vision to God
  • Take risks as a leader
Colin Powell
  • Leadership is breaking science to get more out of people than you can
  • In leadership you get no where with out followers who want to follow you
  • Give leaders a sense of purpose
  • Leadership is about followership
  • Give people the resources they need to get the job done
  • Have simple things (sayings) you constantly repeat
  • Take care of your team
Patrick Lencioni
  • Its about getting a job thats not miserable
Things that lead to a miserable job:
1) Anonymity (makes you feel miserable)
* Make sure I show my team I care
* Good people don't leave jobs where they're known

2) Irrelevance (is a job killer)
* If you don't think your job matters its demotivating
* I need to help people find relevance in their ministry
* When someones job is to help us; celebrate that!

3) Immeasurement (no ability to measure your success) 
* People need to know their doing a good job
* Give people another ability to measure their performance

Liz Wiseman
  • Multiplier approach is to let people weigh in
  • Multiplier's challenge people without apology
  • Working for a diminisher is exhausting and boring
  • Working for a multiplier is exhausting and fun!
  • We do our greatest damage when we hold our greatest intentions
  • How do I be more of a multiplier?
Chris Brown
  • Jesus is asking me to give up my title, stage and authority for Him 
  • Call sin, sin
  • Shared leadership is better
  • Make room for other leaders, its not my Kingdom!
  • Our calling has to trump culture
Bob Goff
  • We don't do stuff so Jesus will think we're swell
  • People believe we're our biggest mistake
Mark Burnett
  • NO= Next Opportunity
  • Choose your companions before you choose your road
  • Don't keep energy suckers around
  • Not everybody is the right player on the right team
  • If the person at the top isn't wise enough to hand things off they won't succeed
  • Hire great people & let them do their job (get out of their way)


Les said...

So on a scale of 1-10. 1 being lowest, how do you score this year's Summit??

Neal Benson said...

Hey Les,

I'd give it a solid 9. I've been to about 7 Summit's and I really enjoyed the content from this years speakers. There were a few times I was prepared to work during the session and just had to listen to the speaker!