Monday, August 12, 2013

Global Leadership Summit /// Day Two

The Global Leadership Summit is a great leadership event we hosted at Central Peninsula Church.  Here are my bullet point notes from day two (please note, I don't have notes from every session).

Vijay Govindarajan

  • Strategy is about leadership in the future
  • Box #1: Manage the present
  • Box #2: Forget the past (selectively)
  • Box #3: Create the future
  • How do you create the future while you manage the present?
  • Innovation is not just ideas, innovation is commercializing creativity 
  • Innovate leaders need to be humble
  • How are we creatively working towards the future (VG gave the example: if you want to eat fruit in 5 years, you need to plan the tree today)
  • Conflicts are not bad, conflicts are healthy as long as you know how to manage conflict on your team
  • Spend a little, earn A LOT
  • Innovations is about value for money
Dr. Bren√© Brown 
  • Studies: vulnerability, courage and shame
  • The irreducible needs of people: Love & Belonging (in the absence of Love & Belonging there is always shame)
  • Shame says: "I'm not enough"
  • Love isn't something we give, it something we cultivate (only when self love is involved)
  • We can't give what we don't have (example: courage, sense of belonging or permission for grace)
  • We can't give help when we're scared to ask for help
  • How do we navigate the gap from what we profess to what we practice
  • To find shame you have to shine light in dark places
  • Blame is toxic in organizations
  • Make space for people to fit in; for them to show up and be seen for who they are
  • We are born to be brave
  • You can choose courage or you can choose comfort but you can't choose them both; they are mutually exclusive. 
Dr. Henry Cloud
  • Henry talked through three things that ruin our thinking: personal, pervasive, permanent
  • Don't take it personal
  • The thought process pervades the brain and makes things seem bad
  • When is pervades the brain you think: "it will always be this way" and it becomes permanent.  
  • Think about your greatest accomplishments in life
  • Your life is more than a scene, its an entire movie.  Every good movie has scenes of crisis.
  • Your brain runs on three things: oxygen, glucose and relationships
  • Connect by talking about healing
  • Be in control of what you can be in control of

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