Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Buy Her Flowers

Starting early on in our relationship I began buying flowers. Its not because I like to buy flowers, but because of what flowers do to her face. When she gets them, she lights up. They always seem to make her smile. When my wife gets flowers it does something for her.

When we were dating there was one occasion that I bought my flowers that still makes me laugh. I was heading down to visit her for a date. I thought, "I'll stop and grab flowers real quick." There was a little stand I could park down the street and grab flowers quickly. I pulled into the spot and totally forgot to feed the meter. I walked down the street and bought some beautiful flowers. As I was walking back to my car I saw the meter maid pulling away. That afternoon the flowers cost me almost $40 instead of the normal $10.

I like to buy flowers for my wife:
- When she needs extra joy in her life
- To show her how much I love her
- When parenting is tough
- I'm more busy at work than normal 
- When its raining outside
- To see a big smile on her face

What I've learned about buying flowers is to not use them as a "make up" tool. I like to buy my wife flowers as something special, a special token of joy in her life. 

For my wife, Orange is always the best color for a flower. Knowing her favorite color is orange helps me to always make the right choice (Yes, even on Valentines Day). 

If you've forgotten to buy your wife flowers in a while, today is a great day to start! 

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