Thursday, June 05, 2008

I need commnunity

I am glad I waited to write this till today. This week has shown me how much we all need community and the relationships of others.
On Sunday my wife had her small group girls over for a luau party to start off summer and encourage one of our other leaders who is moving. Seeing the girls connect was amazing! I normally would not be there, but they needed someone to cook. Then I went and played video games.
That night we went over to a leaders house and played some volleyball. It was super sick. Seeing people connect with each other. This time was more for our college students but some of them are our leaders and it was just fun. Not only playing volleyball but connecting with other people from our church was great for me. I noticed, once again, my need for community and how people thrive in that.
Finally, on Tuesday I had small group with my boys. I have Junior and Senior boys so half of my boys are graduating. Hearing my boys just share their hearts to each other is so amazing. They have learned accountability early and it blows my mind. I wish that I had the relationships that they have when I was 17.
All this said, it made me think that we all need this. We need to pour into others, have people we can laugh with and have people we can share our junk with and pray with.

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