Thursday, January 15, 2009

Encouraging Day

So I know that I haven't blogged in a long time and that is due to me being a slacker! Yesterday was such an encouraging day that I have to share with you guys who are praying for us and watching what God is doing here in Vegas.

On Sunday night I went to a families house to talk with their son, Stephen, about his drug problem. We had a great conversation and an hour and a half later I left to have small group. I received a call from a friend of Stephen sharing with me how Stephen gave his life to Jesus after I left. So I called Stephen yesterday and was able to talk with him. He shared with me about how he is not depressed anymore and that he is finally happy in life.
A little preface is that Stephen was in a car accident two months ago where his girlfriend was ejected from the truck and died on scene, needless to say this has been a hard time. He continued to share with me how he flushed all his pills and cocaine down the toilet. I was so happy I almost cried!

That night I spoke at church and here are two comments that students texted to me after the message was down:

"Wow so todays lesson really made me realize that I've been just surviving. I made the decision to give my life to Jesus tonight and I'm so happy I'm so excited for camp and I truly want to thank you so much"
This is another comment from a student leader who brought her friend for the first time, her friend sent her this and she sent it to me:

"That was amazing ;) thank you so much for inviting me. Its opened my eyes i guess you could say ;) however you put it. But yeah. Thanx ;)"
I am so excited about what God is doing here. As a youth pastor trying to encourage other youth pastors, dont forget these times that we have the chance to impact lives. I am so proud of our students and how they have reached out to their friends, last night was a great night of ministry. A special thanks to our leaders who are always there to love on kids and who I get to partner with; I dont want to do ministry without you guys!


Chelsea said...

What a great story!
Great to hear how God is using you! said...

I praise GOD for me finding your blog. I am an Assoicate Pastor at my Church and also am in charge of the Youth Ministries, it is amazing to see young people to reach out to GOD.

Zombie said...

Thats awesome to see God work in such a huge way. Not that the everyday stuff isn't huge, but sometimes we need to see Him change a person.