Thursday, February 05, 2009

MADE Series

Last night we finished up our MADE series. The basic question that we have been asking in this series is: "Who are you being made into and do you like that person?"
That is a hard question to ask in a message (especially for 5 weeks in a row) but it has been great. We used Ephesians 4:22-24 as the theme verse for this message series. For the first two weeks we looked at verse 22 about the way we have once lived and how that is hard. The whole time we were trying to point students to living "the new life in Christ".

Here is how the 5 weeks broke down:
Week 1: A story of being MADE- Neal Benson
Week 2: How to leave the old life- Neal Benson
Week 3- Learning to trust- John Coovert
Week 4-Being outward focused- Neal Benson
Week 5- Faith= Growth- Neal Benson

Last night as we wrapped up the series we really tackled that being MADE into who God has called you to be is a process and that it is never finished. We talked about exercising your faith muscle and letting God use you on your campus to reach your friends. The main point was to get students to reach out to invite their friends to invite night on Wed Feb 11th. Please pray for us as we reach students in Vegas!

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