Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sophie Loves Her Hippo

When Charity and I went to Africa back in December 2006 I bought this wood Hippo.  I'm not exactly sure why I bought it; maybe because I like to barter and I thought a wood Hippo this big would be cool maybe because we saw some Hippo's in real life; who knows!
(The Hippo himself)
Well when Sophie was about 12 months old, maybe younger, she fell in love with the Hippo!  When I say fell in love I mean it.  She would ask for the Hippo every morning and wanted to cuddle with it.  The though thing about the Hippo is that he weighs 8.6 pounds and Sophie weighs 21.2 pounds (with her clothes on).
(I wasn't kidding when I said she loves the Hippo)
About 6 months ago I hid the Hippo for a month and Sophie cried for it almost every morning; I finally gave it back.  Maybe a two months ago I placed the Hippo under the bed to give him some rest and keep him away from Sophie.  Well the other morning we were playing on the ground and Sophie found the Hippo.  I don't know what it is but Sophie loves this Hippo!  She loves him so much she cuddles him after she dropped him on her foot in the bathroom.
(Yep, crying and still hugging Hippo)
Not sure why my daughter loves the 8.6 pound wood Hippo from Africa but she does!  Even after we took the pictures of Hippo all she wanted to do was look at him.

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