Thursday, May 09, 2013

Social Media Break

Lately I've been struggling with the impact social media is having on me.  I have an addictive personality and I know!

I wake up and check Facebook.  I look to see what's going on on Instagram.  I check to see if anyone likes my new video on Vine.  I scroll through Twitter to see what's happening there.  I found myself in a place in life where social media was doing more than taking more time; it was consuming my thoughts.

(Before and after)
When I was meeting with my accountability partner I shared this struggle and asked if he wanted to take a social media break with me.  We agreed to take a break.  Then we agreed to start with a week off.  The next morning I woke up and deleted: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vine from my iPhone.  It was relieving, it was freeing, it felt good!

Its been just over a week now since I've ventured into the realm of Social Media and I'm ready to wade back into the kiddie pool.  I'm not going to jump back into it full force like I once had.  In all honesty I probably wouldn't be back on today except I synced my phone and it put all my social media apps back on my phone.

Here's the deal: a break without a lesson is pointless.  Let me shared what I learned.

When I fixate on Social Media I miss out
I enjoy people watching and it last couple years I've seen a trend.  People don't talk to people as much as we once did; we spend more time on our phone.  I frequently see groups of people out to a meal and no one is talking, they are all staring at their screen and that makes me sad.  I think I have missed out on things in life because of fixating on Social Media.  Now it may not be big things but when you add all the little things up they become a big thing!

Social Media can become an idol
Don't believe me?  Take a week off Social Media but leave the apps on your phone and you will see.  Its tough to not be on there.  Many of us it has become an involuntary response to scroll the newsfeed.  When you're bored you jump on Facebook or Instagram without even thinking!  Delete Facebook from your phone for a week and let me know where your focus is at; Scripture is very clear we are not to have any gods before God.

I like spending more time with my family than with my phone
When I took time off Social Media I found myself more engaged with my family.  As I write this I'm actually thinking about deleting Facebook and Instagram from my phone again.  I like Twitter but it doesn't consume me so I could keep that; Vine I'm not convinced on yet.  I want to be a present dad.  I want to be a dad who is engaged with his children.  I want to take my wife on a date and not care who comments on our picture.  My family is more important to me than my phone or any Social Media platform out there and I'm going to prove it to them.

Now you have to know these are my thoughts.  You may be a person who is blessed with checking Facebook once a month and not care what's happening on there.  I hope my thoughts are challenging to you as you process your involvement in Social Media.
"You shall have no other gods before me"
Exodus 20:3

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